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About Us
Commercial Holiday Lighting: Illuminating Your Business for the Holidays

Welcome to Dominion Lightworks, the #1 name in Richmond for your commercial holiday lighting needs!

We’ve proudly served local companies for over a decade years, offering top-quality materials, service, and customer care to elevate and highlight the natural beauty of your property.

The holiday season is the perfect time to spread joy and cheer, and there’s no better way to do so than with beautiful, eye-catching holiday lighting and decor. Whether you’re looking to create a festive atmosphere at your retail store, office building, or other commercial property, Dominion Lightworks has you covered.

Expert Commercial Holiday Lighting Richmond Va By Dominion Lightworks
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Your Reliable Richmond Lighting Installation Experts

Our team of professional holiday decorators will work with you to create a custom lighting and decor plan that perfectly suits your vision – with no-cost, no-obligation appointments. We offer a wide range of lighting and decor options, from classic white lights to colorful LED displays, wreaths, garlands, and more. We use only the highest-quality commercial-grade materials, ensuring that your lighting and decor will not only look beautiful but also stand up to the elements and last throughout the holiday season.

At Dominion Lightworks, we understand the importance of maintaining an impactful business front and workspace for your customers and employees without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

That’s why we take care of everything, from supplying all necessary materials to scheduling the installation at a time that works for you. We also offer complimentary maintenance throughout the season, so you can rest assured that your lighting and decor will always look its best. And when the season comes to an end, we’ll uninstall and store all materials for you until the following year.


What Richmond, VA is Saying about Dominion Lightworks

We are proud to say that we have been serving Richmond, VA commercial clients for over a decade with the highest level of quality commercial holiday lighting installation

Our PermaLites Permanent Lighting

PermaLites 365 LED Lighting

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Questions & Answers About Holiday Lighting for Commercial Properties

Have questions about finding the right commercial contractor for holiday lighting in Richmond, VA? Well, we are here to answer them! If you don’t find your questions here, feel free to give us a call!

How does the consultation process work?

We offer two flexible consultation options: in-person or entirely digital, tailored to fit your preferences. Should you opt for an in-person consultation, we’ll coordinate a visit to your business. This approach allows us to directly discuss your specific needs, answer any immediate questions, and capture necessary photos or videos. These details help us quickly compile a precise quote tailored to your project.

For those who prefer a digital consultation, simply send us several photos of your property along with your address. This enables us to utilize Google Maps street and satellite views for a comprehensive assessment of your space. Following this, we’ll put together a detailed proposal, complete with digital mockups to clearly outline each component of your project, and promptly send all the details to you. Our commitment is to ensure a seamless and satisfactory consultation process, regardless of the method you choose.

Are your lighting installations energy-efficient?

Absolutely, our lighting solutions top the charts in energy efficiency! Every light we install for your holiday decorations utilizes LED technology. These LEDs are not just remarkably durable; they also consume minimal power, thanks to their extremely low energy draw.

To cap it off our Christmas lighting installs all across Richmond Commercial Properties include timers to ensure the lights illuminate only for a predetermined number of hours each day, further conserving energy.

What is the duration of a typical lighting installation project?

On average, setting up holiday lighting takes about 2 hours, though larger projects might extend to 4-5 hours. We kick off installations in mid-September, with an early bird discount for setups scheduled between September 15 and October 31.

During this period, we only install non-electric decorations like wreaths and garlands, reserving anything more conspicuous for November onward. The installation of lights and greenery on properties begins November 1 and continues through December 15, or later upon request. We start removing decorations in late December for those wishing to have their property clear before the New Year, with the process extending into February until all decorations are removed. We strive for flexibility in scheduling both setups and takedowns, asking customers to provide a preferred 2-week window for each. Our team will then ensure our crew is available during your chosen timeframe.

Do you provide maintenance or support services after installation?

Every installation we perform comes with the added benefit of free maintenance and support for the entire season. The only exception where a service charge applies is in cases of damage caused by animals or human actions. While it’s uncommon, there have been instances of pets or wildlife, like dogs or squirrels, damaging the wiring, or an inadvertent mishap by a landscaper cutting a wire or damaging a ground light.

This typically includes replacing any bulbs that burn out, repairing lights or decorations affected by snow or wind, and addressing any dimming issues with lines of lights or greenery. Rest assured, any problem not directly resulting from human or animal interference is fully covered by us.

Are your services insured and licensed?

Given the scope of our landscape lighting projects and the seasonal aspect of our holiday lighting services, holding a contractor’s license isn’t a necessity for us. However, my brother and I are proactively pursuing Class A Contractor’s License courses and anticipate obtaining our full licensing in Richmond, VA by this upcoming summer. Rest assured, we are comprehensively insured for all our landscape and holiday lighting work.

How do I schedule an installation, and what is your availability?

To arrange a consultation, feel free to reach out via call, text, or email. We’re here to discuss lighting options tailored specifically to your property. Whether you prefer an in-person estimate or a virtual one based on photos, we can accommodate your needs. Typically, we can deliver a custom design and proposal within a few days following our consultation. For holiday lighting, we schedule installations according to your preferred timeframe, simply requesting a window of at least two weeks. Landscape lighting projects are generally completed within the next week or two, considering that material orders usually arrive within 3-5 days, and our crew can begin work shortly thereafter, weather permitting. Our team is efficient, ensuring minimal wait times for both landscape and holiday lighting installations.

What is your policy on changes or cancellations?

If no installation has taken place yet, we are happy to accommodate changes or cancellations without any fees. We’re also flexible with adding decorations as requested, charging only the standard rate we would quote initially, without any extra charges.

However, if we’ve specially ordered decorations for a holiday lighting project based on an agreed-upon design, and you wish to cancel, we might need to ask for a minimal restocking fee to cover the costs of returning these items to our supplier.

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