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About Us
Commercial Landscape Lighting to Enhance Your Business

We are the #1 name in Richmond for your commercial landscape lighting needs!

We’ve proudly served local business owners for over a decade, offering top-quality materials, service, and customer care to elevate and highlight the natural beauty of your business.

If you’re looking to improve the elegance, safety, and overall appearance of your commercial property, landscape lighting is an excellent solution. At Dominion Lightworks, we specialize in designing and installing custom landscape lighting systems that perfectly highlight your commercial property’s unique features and enhance its curb appeal.

Expert Commercial Landscape Lighting Richmond Va By Dominion Lightworks

Your Reliable Commerical Landscape Lighting Company

Every property is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of commercial landscape lighting options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to highlight your business’s unique features, showcase your landscaping, or create a welcoming entryway, we’ve got you covered.

Some of our most popular landscape lighting services for businesses include:

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    Uplighting: This technique involves placing lights on the ground, aimed upward, to highlight trees, shrubs, and other landscaping features.

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    Downlighting: This technique involves placing lights high up in trees or on buildings, aimed downward, to create a soft, natural-looking light.
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    Pathway lighting: This technique involves placing lights along walkways, driveways, and other outdoor areas to improve safety and visibility.

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    Storefront lighting: This includes lighting for outdoor eating areas, patios, and storefronts, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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      Our Richmond Commercial Landscape Lighting Designs incorporate a variety of lighting techniques, including uplighting, moonlighting, and more. We use the highest-quality equipment & materials, ensuring your business’s exterior lighting and performs great for years to come.

      Some of the benefits of Business Lighting include:

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        Improved safety: Lighting Parking Lots and other outdoor areas with landscape lighting can help prevent accidents and deter potential intruders from your commercial property

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        Enhanced curb appeal: With the right lighting design, you can highlight your property’s best features and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

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        Increased property value: A well-designed landscape lighting system can increase your property’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

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        Worry-Free Install: All of our fixtures come with a 25+ year warranty; you know that when the job is done, you can trust it’ll look as good 10 years down the road


      What Richmond, VA is Saying about Dominion Lightworks

      We are proud to say that we have been serving Richmond, Virginia companies & commercial clients for over a decade with the highest quality of business landscape lighting installations!

      Our PermaLites Permanent Lighting

      PermaLites 365 LED Lighting

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        Over 50,000 Hours of Life

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        Reduced Energy Costs

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        Incredible 87% Power Savings

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        Color Changeable on the Fly

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        Control Locally or Cloud Controlled

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      Schedule your Onboarding Call below so we can discuss the next steps and get access to your properties to start the process!

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      Questions & Answers About Landscape Lighting for Your Business

      Have questions about finding the right commercial landscape lighting company in Richmond, VA? Well, we are here to answer them! If you don’t find your questions here, feel free to give us a call!

      How does the consultation process work?

      We offer both in-person and digital consultation options. If you choose an in-person meeting, we’ll coordinate a visit to your Richmond Area Business to explore various options, answer any questions immediately, and capture photos or videos to aid in creating a timely and accurate quote. For digital consultations, we request that you provide several photos of your property along with your address. This enables us to utilize Google Maps street and satellite views for a comprehensive assessment of your space. Following this, we will develop a detailed proposal, complete with digital mockups to clearly outline each aspect of the project, and then forward all the details to you.

      Are your lighting installations energy-efficient?

      Our lighting solutions top the charts in energy efficiency! Every light we install utilizes LED technology. These LEDs are not just remarkably durable; they also consume minimal power, thanks to their extremely low energy draw. Our Richmond Residential Landscape lighting also operates on a low-voltage system, enhancing both safety and energy efficiency. To cap it off, whether you choose landscape or holiday lighting, we include timers to ensure the lights illuminate only for a predetermined number of hours each day, further conserving energy.

      What is the duration of a typical lighting installation project?
      Landscape lighting installs typically take ~2-3 hours for a standard-size job, sometimes 6-8 for larger jobs. For both installs and uninstalls, we allow the customer to choose their ideal timeline; we ask for a 2+ week range for the install and the same for the uninstall and will get a crew out there then for each. 
      Do you provide maintenance or support services after installation?
      All of our fixtures come with a lifetime warranty, our LED bulbs come with a 5-year warranty (though they realistically should last much longer), and we’ll repair/replace anything that wasn’t installed properly or had a manufacturer issue free of charge.
      We also specialize in lighting (unlike a lot of general contractors and landscapers), so we wire our systems and install our fixtures in a way that should be more durable and easier to work on in the future.
      Are your services insured and licensed?
      Due to the size of our landscape lighting jobs, we’re not required to hold a contractor’s license. That said, my brother and I are currently looking into Class A Contractor’s License classes regardless, and expect to be fully licensed before this summer. We’re fully insured for your landscape lighting job!
      How do I schedule an installation, and what is your availability?

      For scheduling, just call, text, or email and we can talk through lighting options are always custom to the property in question. We’ll set up a time for in person estimates or work from pictures for virtual estimates, and can usually get a design/proposal over in the couple days following a consultation. Landscape lighting installs for your business or property can usually be done in the following week or two (materials orders typically take 3-5 days and we can get a crew out there shortly after, weather permitting). Our guys work QUICK!

      What is your policy on changes or cancellations?

      Assuming nothing has been installed, changes and cancellations can be done at no charge. Our landscape lighting installs are designed to accompany bulb upgrades (from standard lights to controllable RGB bulbs) and expansions; any of that will just be charged at the standard rate, and no additional change/upgrade fees apply.  If we order highly specialized decor for a lighting installation per a committed design, we may request a small restocking fee if we have to ship it back to our supplier

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