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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the consultation process work?

We can do either in-person or entirely digital consultations. For in-person, we’ll schedule a time to meet on-site at your home or business, talk through different options answer questions on the spot, and take pictures/videos to assist with the quote that we’ll put together shortly thereafter.

For digital consultations, we just ask that the home- or business owner take several photos of their property and share their address so we can use those and Google Maps street view and satellite images to get an idea of the space.

From there, we’ll build out a proposal and digital mockups to clarify the different line items, and send everything over. 

Are your lighting installations energy-efficient?

All of our Richmond Lighting Installations are as energy efficient as it gets! All of our lights (landscape and holiday) are LEDs. Not only are they super durable, but they have an incredibly low draw, so they don’t take much power at all.

Our landscape lighting systems are low-voltage as well, which makes them safer as well as energy-efficient. Both landscape and holiday lighting installs include timers so the lights are only on for a set number of hours each day. 

What is the duration of a typical lighting installation project?
Our lighting installs typically take ~2-3 hours for a standard size jobs and up to 8 hours for larger installs. For both installs and uninstalls, we work with the customer to choose their ideal timeline; we ask for a 2+ week range for the install and the same for the uninstall and will get a crew out there then for each. 
Do you provide maintenance or support services after installation?
All of our fixtures come with a lifetime warranty, our LED bulbs come with a 5 year warranty (though they realistically should last much longer), and we’ll repair/replace anything that wasn’t installed properly or had a manufacturer issue free of charge. We also specialize in lighting (unlike a lot of general contractors and landscapers), so we wire our systems and install our fixtures in a way that should be more durable and easier to work on in the future.
Are your services insured and licensed?
Due to the size of our landscape lighting jobs, we’re not required to hold a contractor’s license. However, we plan to expand and expect to be fully licensed before this summer. We’re fully insured for both landscape and holiday lighting.
How do I schedule an installation, and what is your availability?

Please reach out via call, text, or our inquiry form and we’ll set up a time for in-person estimates or work from photos for virtual estimates, and can usually get a design/proposal over in the couple days following a consultation.

Lighting installs can usually be done in the following week or two (materials orders typically take 3-5 days and we can get a crew out there shortly after, weather permitting).

What is your policy on changes or cancellations?

Assuming nothing has been installed, changes and cancellations can be done at no charge. If we order highly specialized decor for a holiday lighting install per a committed design, we may request a small restocking fee if we have to ship it back to our supplier

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